Our Process
At Grapevine we provide the resources and solutions to simplify your information management. We aim to assist you with the growth and maintenance of your business. If your business has specific challenges that the marketplace has yet to meet, we will be happy to offer you an efficient and cost effective solution.
Wed design, web development, custom software, autoplan management system
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Our Process

We have a lot of experience working with clients on their web presence, and we’ve compiled some questions that will help us in the development of your website. We’ve noticed that making it a more visual process helps our clients not feel overwhelmed. Get started by downloading one of our infographics.
We can build you a quote based on your answers of the getting to know you infographic.


This guide helps us find the right design and functionality for your website, by answering the questions provided you help us understand your business better, your goals, targets and biggest challenges.


We’ll get a feeling for the personality of your business and how you want customer to interact with your website and we’ll apply our experience and psychology to give your website the perfect feel.


Did you know that the colour blue inspires trust? or that the colour red makes you salivate? Warm colours can help you attract spontaneous purchasers? Color is a very influential source of information when people are making a purchasing decision.


Design can have a huge impact and your customer and we’re here to help you create the perfect image.


Writing the correct content will get you noticed, both by search engines and your customer, this handy guide will help you organize your thoughts so that creating content is a less daunting task.


We tried to ask specific questions about you and your business to help you showcase what makes you stand out over your competition. Do you provide outstanding customer service while being active in your community? Does your product exceed customer expectations? Let your passion shine through!


Ensuring that your customer has an excellent experience on your website, by being able to find what they are looking for easily as well as guiding them to get in touch with you is key to turning a potential customer into a loyal customer.


This guide helps us figure out the best estore solutions for your business, when it comes to setting up an estore, there are a lot of details you might not have thought about.


Are you going to be charging flat rate shipping? if not you’ll need to know the weight and dimensions of each product as well as decide what packaging you’ll be using… What are your return policies? Will you be selling internationally? All important questions to answer before we get started!


We’ve got a lot of experience with estores and we’re here to make your online store easy for you to manage, as well as easy for your customer. We want every interaction they have with your store to be a positive experience.


You might have noticed that one of our designers loves alliteration, well they also love food and know what it takes to get your customer from google, into your restaurant.


Your website helps you sell the experience, what makes your restaurant special? Can your customer book their table online? Do you cater to people’s dietary concerns?


Customers like to be able to read your restaurant menu before the make the decision to book at your restaurant, informing the customer of their options might be the difference between them choosing your restaurant over others.


Pictures of your food and atmosphere should have your prospective patrons salivating.


We work closely with you to understand your needs. How can we help you?